Online Dash wallet

FourBTC is an all-in-one online Dash wallet, which allows securely storing, easily receiving and quickly sending Dash. It enables fast and easy direct transactions and allows instant Dash exchange into different cryptocurrencies in one personal account. Combining usability with high level privacy, anonymity and security, FourBTC offers free DASH accounts, which are accessible 24/7 worldwide on your laptop, desktop or mobile devices alike.

Easy Dash wallet

Take full control of all your Dashes! Securely store, easy receive or send and instantly exchange Dash into different digital currencies in one personal account.

Make direct person-to-person transactions, pay invoices, request or send DASH payments by email. It is really easy!

Instant Dash exchange

Discover the convenience and advantages of the instant Dash exchange!

No more complicated and inconvenient online exchanges with buy/sell orders. Now you can exchange Dash in your personal account in a matter of a second, at very attractive rates and without fees.

Your account supports exchange between BTC, LTC, ETH, PPC, DASH, XMR, ZEC and XRP.

Incredible referral system

Invite people and make money for them!

You will receive 5% from replenishing the purse of your referrals! 1-3 referrals = 5% ||| 4-6 = 10% ||| 7-49 = 15% ||| more than 50 = 20% of each replenishment!

***Distributed only for bitcoin replenishment***

Anonymous & secure

Your account is all about privacy, anonymity and bank-grade security.

We take all possible measures to keep your funds safe and secure. All provided services run entirely over secure SSL (HTTPS) connection, critical user data is hashed by SHA-256 cryptographic algorithm.

Additional two factor authentication with One-Time-Passwords adds even more security to your account.

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